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Nowadays, universal internet access has become an extremely useful tool in building a household budget, and their ease of obtaining causes their great popularity. In the vast majority of cases, online loans are devoid of unnecessary formalities. The request for payday payment is completed via the Internet, and the money on our account can be in a few moments. The question then arises – what is the deal with signing the contract?

Request a cash payday loan online Today, Cash Tomorrow 

During the process of applying for a quick cash payday loan online at, we are not required to sign any documents. The completed online application is simple in its construction, therefore it should not cause problems even for a person applying for the first time online. After making the verification transfer, sometimes in just a few minutes, we get a decision to grant a loan without BIK. If it is positive – money can still be in your account today.

However, there are companies on the market that after a few days send a ready contract to sign to their borrowers for correspondence. It contains all the conditions, regulations and additional fees regarding the paid payday loan online. You should definitely read such a contract, but do we agree to sign it? This question cannot be answered in one specific way because online non-bank loan companies have different policies on this topic. If we have repaid our obligations on time and are also not interested in taking further loans, theoretically the contract does not have to be sent back to the lender. From experience, it can be concluded that companies do not urge their clients on this topic, although the regulations usually indicate explicitly that they need to send a signed payday contract online.

Payday loan agreement

Payday loan agreement

However, if after some time we decide to use the services again and take out loans without BIK, and we have not sent back the previous contract, the lender may request it to be sent. Relax, each case is analyzed individually and there is no single pattern of interpretation of the provisions in this regard. It is worth remembering that some companies automatically reject an application for a loan via the Internet without a signed and returned the previous contract. Others, in turn, only pay attention to the fact that the previous loan agreement has not been sent online and does not have to affect the final decision to grant the loan.

In summary, however, it is worth sending back the payday loan agreement online if you intend to use the services of a given company in the future. We will then be sure that our application will not be rejected by our carelessness.

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