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Many ask themselves again and again, what do I really need to be creditworthy? What are the decisive factors and requirements for a payday loan? What should I pay attention to? Why do others get an immediate loan, but not me?

Well, there is no question that you should provide your data as well as possible and as precise as possible. If you want to take out a loan, of course, the lender wants to know as much as possible about you and about your intention.

That’s very clear. However, many traditional banks are often very bureaucratic. At least that was my personal experience! And that’s why I found a solution to this problem. Namely without being able to borrow money online without conventional banks! Direct banks and private lenders which can lend you faster money!



Even if you want to borrow money privately! Borrowing money instantly and without ifs and buts often puts many people in very confused situations.

Should it be from the bank? And what if the bank refuses the loan? What other options do I have? And what points do I have to fulfill to qualify for a loan?

One speaks clearly of so-called requirements for a payday loan – and you must know this to get the money from the bank! Nevertheless, most banks have the same procedure again and again. A standard procedure if you want so.

So, the following documents are needed to borrow credit! Well, let’s go.

requirements for a payday loan – 10 POINTS

Requirements for a loan - 10 POINTS

Here are the most important 10 points you should know. Those conditions for a loan that allow you to get the money! And of course also important if you want to borrow money today!

Whether it’s for a small loan, a mini loan, whether you want to take out a loan for a car or whether it should be a refinance and a private loan agreement.

# 1: salary statement

# 1: salary statement

The first point of the requirements for a payday loan is very clear. The lender wants to know how you make your money, with what activity and above all how much money you earn.

No matter whether it is an online instant loan with instant confirmation or immediate payment. So the salary statement is thus a clear component.

And this does not matter whether you now have income from renting and leasing, or income from self-employment or dependent.

# 2: Existing loans

# 2: Existing loans

Also, the second point of the requirements for a payday loan is relatively easy to understand. Do you already have existing loans? If yes, then of course these are also to be indicated.

So you have already existing costs and payment obligations you can not simply swept under the carpet. No matter if it’s a small car loan or not. Put the facts always exactly on the table. Point.

# 3: Documents

# 3: Documents

The third point of the requirements for a payday loan is usually the biggest hurdle for the loan applicant. It is time-consuming to submit all necessary documents and documents. In most cases, people see this bureaucratic hurdle as a real pain. Have the following documents or documents ready.

  1. guarantees
  2. Investments (savings accounts, life insurance, retirement plans, etc.)
  3. Excerpt from your bank account
  4. ID card or passport
  5. Registration confirmation or registration form
  6. The loan application

# 4: your credit rating

# 4: your credit rating

Also, the fourth point of the requirements for a payday loan is important. The lender wants to know if you have been willing to pay in the past, whether you have had debts that you could not settle, and whether your creditworthiness is given or not.

All this is crucial if you. can apply for a short-term loan with immediate payment. In Germany it is usually a request to the credit bureau. If you do not hang up there and you also know from your side that everything is fine here, then great.

Do not worry. However, if you already know in advance that in the past here something about you at the credit bureau will rest, then I would also present a further information and justification before the application.

Tip: You should know your own credit rating. Read more about how you can apply for a free credit bureau self-assessment in just 3 minutes.

# 5: A loan is a business

# 5: A loan is a business

The fifth point for the requirements for a payday loan is a general basics knowledge. Be clear that every loan, every form of borrowing money is a business.

Therefore, there are also contracts in which the debtor declares his debt under agreed terms and conditions to pay back. That is the rough legal basis. Before signing this agreement, both from you and from the lender, you make a loan application.

With the request puts the request: Is it possible to get a loan? The application contains a lot of information. Among other things, you should set up a revenue expenditure bill for yourself and for your personal benefit.

And an absolutely honest !!! It’s easy. You make two columns and in it you keep all your expenses, as well as all your earnings. At the end you will see how much money you would have available per month.

If this amount is still positive after all of your usual expenses and expenses, then you might think about whether it makes any sense to apply for immediate loan approval!

# 6: Think carefully

# 6: Think carefully

Also, the sixth point for the conditions for a loan should be dewutlich and clearly considered. Be clear about what you want to lend you money.

Be aware that it makes a big difference if you want to have an online loan and you want to use that money as a clear business investment, or if you just want to take a car loan.

I always refer to this example as a simple and clear example between good credit and absolutely bad credit.

# 7: Good credit

# 7: Good credit

The seventh point of the requirements for a payday loan is not without reason the very often holy number seven. A good credit is nothing else than if you want to borrow for some money where you also generate money from it.

So let me give you a simple example here. Let’s say you open a small soda stand. And to get the stand up and running, you’ll need to buy some capital to buy the stand, to buy your sodas, a small juicer, etc.

But, as you can see, you’re investing that money into something that you’ll hopefully make money with later on. So you can say it’s a good investment if you want to lend yourself the money for a hopefully profitable venture.

# 8: Bad credit

Point number seven leads to point number eight for requirements for a payday loan. You should understand what a limp loan is, whether you have or are about to go in or want to!

An absolutely bad credit is nothing other than that you want to lend money for mischief. An instant loan also depends on it.

Now that may sound a bit tough. But the fact is that many people simply want to borrow for things they just want.

Whether it makes sense or not. Here’s an example of a bad credit. Would you like to have a great car, and this car is not used for business, so you do not rent your car to others, or you do not use your car as a taxi, or as a limousine for rental, etc. then this way is a loan pretty bad.

Because you do not invest the money in something that will bring you money. But on the contrary. We all know that cars are a bottomless pit. Insurance premiums, engine taxes, service and repair, gasoline, etc. So you see, hopefully how easy you can keep it.

However, many need a car to get to work every day. Still, there are really no other transportation options I would always say of a car loan that this loan represents a bad credit with instant pledge online.

# 9: What matters is the interest rate

The number nine for the requirements for a payday loan is the core of every loan. No matter how high your loan amount is. Whatever matters how expensive your credit is… yes, that is simply determined by the interest rate.

It’s so easy to use that as a basis. You will find online or at banks always very interesting offers, where you as a customer also very often “lured” and “seduced”. In most commercials and even credit calculators, I see no more interest rates.

Most of the time you can start for 5,000 euros and pay 127 euros a month. No matter what you see for numbers. My advice. Forget this. What’s important is your actual interest rate. Never forget. And yes, the Zinses Zins Rechnung is a “dog”, as we say in Austria.

Some providers also make graduations or offers that say, the first 3 months you pay 0 interest, but then it gets really fat. lol; In principle, these “vultures” in most cases give you nothing.

# 10: Processing fee credit

And last but not least.. we have the point 10 for the requirements for a payday loan. Well, as already mentioned in my article Credither is hidden as a standard procedure in each loan a so-called processing fee.

Nungut, what does this mean? Very easily. The bank or the lender says: Hey, I have to take time to process all your documents, etc.

And because the whole thing takes a lot of time, and I want to be paid for it, you usually have to “foil” for it. Is that clear to you? I hope so.

So you see how merciless banks are and try at every opportunity to make money with you. Also damn, is the fact that the processing fee credit is not to pay immediately. That means you do not have to pay these costs immediately to the bank.

No, quite the contrary. The bank beats that on top of your credit. I will write a detailed article about the darn processing fees and the endless greed of banks! Stay tuned! Attention! Important hint.

There was a legal change in the processing fees for personal loans in Germany. More about this can be found in the above mentioned article Processing fee credit. That’s really good news! I hope that all 10 points for the requirements for a payday loan have given you quite a few basics to understand a loan better!

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